For most people, buying a property is a big decision and one of life’s more significant investments. Being fully aware of what is expected at each stage of the buying process is paramount to achieving a smooth transition into a new property.

At Village Green Conveyancing, we aim to remove any stressful elements from the buying process by delivering our services through years of experience and extensive knowledge of the New South Wales property market.

There are four main processes in buying a property and we can guide you with each process:

Pre Exchange

  • Arranging for the contract for sale to be reviewed
  • Organising pest, building and/or strata inspections
  • Negotiate amendments to the contract on your behalf


  • Obtaining formal loan approval
  • Paying the deposit
  • Signing the contract
  • Sending the contract to the vendor’s conveyancer or solicitor to be exchanged
  • Sending mortgage documents to the lender
  • Ensuring the home loan will be available at time of settlement
  • Arranging payment of stamp duty and ensuring the funds will be available at the right time
  • Communicating with banks or financial institutions to ensure readiness for settlement
  • Preparing settlement figures with your lender and the vendor’s conveyancer or solicitor


  • Organising for keys to the property to be released by the real estate agent
  • Paying settlement funds to seller’s conveyancer or solicitor
  • Ensuring that all documents are correct and funds are accounted for

After Exchange and Settlement

  • We conduct searches from government departments and statutory authorities to ensure that they do not have nor want to acquire an interest in the property.
  • Mortgage documents to be signed and returned to the lender.
  • Arrange payment of stamp duty and ensure that funds are available at the right time
  • We communicate with lenders to ensure that they are ready for settlement
  • We prepare settlement figures in readiness for settlement
  • We attend settlement in person where required or conduct the settlement electronically on the PEXA platform Post Settlement
  • Once your matter settles, you can collect the keys from the agent
  • For those without a mortgage, we arrange for the transfer of the Title and confirm that property registers into your name(s).
  • We will provide you with a full breakdown of settlement funds and disbursements
  • We will hold on to your file for at least 6 years. If you decide to sell the property within that time, we hold the necessary documents to assist you with selling the property.

Post Settlement

  • For those without a mortgage, lodging Transfer and Notice of Sale with Land and Property Information NSW
  • Making arrangements to send the Title Deed to you when registered
  • Arranging final reports to be sent to you

Village Green Conveyancing will also hold onto your file for at least 7 years. So when you are ready to sell the property, we will have everything necessary to assist you in selling it.

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