Selling a property can be a time-consuming but rewarding process. In order to minimise the risks involved, we always recommend seeking the advice and services of a licensed conveyancer.

Before selling your property in New South Wales, it is compulsory to complete a Contract for Sale and of course, take care of the necessary documentation.

Here are some things you should know about selling property including a checklist of items that Village Green Conveyancing can assist you with:


  • Ordering the necessary documents and title searches
  • Sending a copy of the Contract of Sale to your real estate agent for them to commence marketing your property
  • Paying for the cost of disbursements and file preparation
  • Negotiating any changes to the contract
  • Liaising with your purchaser in order to exchange contracts without delay


  • Exchanging contracts with your buyer and¬†managing all necessary documentation
  • Responding to any requisitions the purchasers may make regarding the title of the property
  • Arranging for the discharge of your mortgage (if any)
  • Arranging for all necessary paperwork to be signed


  • Attending the settlement to ensure documentation is processed properly and funds are exchanged according to your instructions
  • Attending to the repayment of your mortgage
  • Authorising release of the keys after settlement
  • Arranging for the agent to receive their commission
  • Forwarding settlement statements to you

Arrange a consultation with a licensed conveyancer.